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December 2, 2021 ~ Good Afternoon West Lake Hills Texas!
Pool Service Plans designed for
West Lake Hills homeowners starting at $99/month.

West Lake Hills's Most Detailed Partial Pool Cleaning Service Plan

Now West Lake Hills swimming pool owners can have healthy and blue pool water all year long by signing up for our Partial Service Plan. On the Partial plan, a local West Lake Hills pool technician will perform the majority of the service work needed to keep your pool beautiful. Check the list below to see your short list of personal pool duties.

Have a busy schedule? Consider our Full Service Plan.

Service List of West Lake Hills Partial Pool Service Plan
Begin Weekly Service

This West Lake Hills Partial Swimming Pool Service Plan works great with any gunite or fiberglass pools and is specifically tailored with West Lake Hills, TX weather and seasonal conditions in mind.

After starting the Partial Service Plan, you can upgrade to our Full Service Plan at any time.

*Special Note: During October to March we offer West Lake Hills pool owners twice a month pool service.

Pools You Find in West Lake Hills Texas

The most common swimming pools in West Lake Hills, TX are inground pools. The reason for their popularity is simple: they give you the ability to customize your swimming pool's design in any way you choose. However, there are a couple of issues with inground pools, that owners should be aware. The first issue is that because the pool has a slightly rough texture, algae growth is more likely to occur than it would be on some other types of pool, like a fiberglass pool. West Lake Hills pool owners should also be aware that if metal based chemicals are used it can stain the bottom of your pool, which requires special treatment to remove. However these problems are easily avoided when your pool is maintained and cleaned by a professional pool service company.

Other Pool Types in Texas

In our weekly cleaning routes in West Lake Hills, TX we mostly see gunite pools, but we see some fiberglass pools also.

There are several myths that roam around about the use of fiberglass pools today. Many believe that fiberglass pools look cheap, but with today's technology one can buy a fiberglass pool and have it fit in perfectly with any type of backyard. Some West Lake Hills homeowners have also heard a second myth -- that fiberglass pools will pop up, which is just not true if you continually keep your pool filled with water. If for any reason you are advised to drain your pool, make sure you contact the company who installed your pool to see how you might go about doing this to prevent any damage.